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Discover the 5 best investments for beginners

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Firstly, if you decided to learn more about investments and want to know which are the best investments to invest in, you are in the right place. Simple content was prepared with the 5 best investments for beginners. Many doubts appear right at the beginning, and it is necessary to have the right knowledge.


We can certainly say that investing in a reliable, high-yield asset can change anyone’s financial life in the long term. Furthermore, many opportunistic companies end up selling returns and quick wins. So, stay here to find out the best way.

In this sense, you will see below that investing is not complicated, on the contrary, it is extremely simple. You just need to know where to invest your money and wait for your income to appear. We can start? So let’s go.


Why Invest Money?

Most Brazilians receive a minimum wage and the first thing they do is spend this amount on superfluous things or paying bills. This is an attitude that ends up taking all these people into a “financial prison” scenario.

In this sense, we can say that a person will never have extra money saved and multiplied, whether for retirement or to fulfill some special desire. When you invest your money, your financial life improves and you start to have more and more money for your future.

Furthermore, we can say that whoever invests their money has security for their future, increases their assets and has a good chance of achieving financial freedom. Remember: most people reach the age of 40 without having a quality life and without realizing their dreams. Do you want this too?

Type of Investments: Fixed or Variable Income to start with?

Initially, when talking about investments, people connect this word with shares, stock exchange and trading – that is, variable income, with high price fluctuations. But, in fact, investing is linked to the fixed income side as well, the side that guarantees greater security for your capital.

In this sense, it is completely important to understand that Fixed Income is the best opportunity for beginners to start. Firstly, because the amount allocated can be up to R$30.00. Secondly, because there is practically no risk of losing the amount invested. Thirdly, because in the world of variable income there is a lot of study and hours of dedication, in addition to being more dangerous.

The 5 best investments for beginners

Furthermore, based on all this, follow the article and discover the 5 best investments for beginners. All of them are Fixed Income investments, ideal for you to start with. See the following list:

1. Selic Treasury

The Treasury Selic is basically linked to the Treasury Law, that is, the country’s treasury. In this case, you lend a sum of money to the Federal Government for use in improvement projects for the country and, in return, you are remunerated at the Selic rate.

Furthermore, we can say that the great advantage of the Treasury Selic is its daily liquidity, where you can redeem your invested amount whenever you want. The yields are good, based on the index that regulates inflation in Brazil. The higher this index, the more you earn.

This is a good opportunity to allocate your emergency fund or assets. In this modality, the money needs to be deposited for a long time, between 2 and up to 10 years, to obtain high returns.

2. Investment funds

Certainly, for those just starting out in the investment market, investment funds are good options.

In this type of investment, several investor resources are deposited and transferred by a professional manager in a fund. From then on, this professional manager will be responsible for making decisions based on the established strategy.

In this sense, it is entirely possible to see that the manager follows some guidelines based on the fund, such as exposure limits, costs or target audience. All of this impacts the returns on the amount deposited.


In this sense, these two types of investments are very interesting for beginners in the world of investments. Firstly, the Real Estate Credit Letter (LCI) and the Agribusiness Credit Letter (LCA) are connected to the real estate market.

In this sense, the money you invest will be used for financing in the agricultural and real estate sectors. The good side of this investment is that there is a guarantee from the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC) , in addition to being exempt from income tax.

4. Bank Deposit Certificate (CDB)

Certainly, the CDB is a low-risk investment, however, with a lot of variability, as it can be issued from larger institutions to the simplest banks. Have you ever seen a company or bank offering a 100% CDI, or a 120% CDI?

Everything is linked to the CDB, which regulates this bank income rate, that is, profitability is linked to the variation in the CDI.

5. Bill of Exchange (LC)

Here again we have a Fixed Income investment, with high security, high liquidity and pleasant returns. In this modality, an investor lends money to be used as collateral for financing contracts. By doing this, you end up receiving interest payments on top of the amount invested in return.

The Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC) guarantees the entire amount invested in this investment, as well as the LCI and LCA, seen previously. Furthermore, this type of investment suffers from regressive income tax.

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